Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Will Miss You Iran

Today our house was packed. My great grandmother came to say goodbye. My grandmothers sister and her daughter came to help me pack my bags. And my uncle came with his family so we could spend every last moment together. Smoked one last cigarette with Rana, my uncles wife, who has been my partner in crime and my best friend during these months. I will miss her dearly. I will miss everyone.

I can't believe my amazing trip has come to the very end. Only 6 hours till I fly away from home. I feel lonely already. Today I kept noticing all the noise that I will miss so much. Soon everything will be quiet. Though I know everyone feels strongly about their home country, I still have to say that I love Iran and I'm so happy that this specific country is linked to me. I love Iranian people with all their loudness and food and generosity and gossip and how they live their lives in one large group made up by siblings and cousins and neighbors. I love this mess.

I'm sad but still I'm not. I refuse to say goodbye.
I'm just gonna say, see you soon.

                                         Sooner than you think. 

Packed All The Important Stuff

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stinking Like A Cow


I just have to say, I love my job. It feels so good to know that I made the right choice studying film. It gives me the opportunity to see amazing things and feel amazing too.

Yesterday, my omni-talented (is that a word?) cameraman and I took a trip to a dairy farm and interviewed the woman who had started this multi-billion Toman company with just 3 sheep. Now she has a thousand cows and their beautiful babies. I think most mammals children are beautiful but cow are truly exceptional.  Big eyes and lashes, fluffy and clean like you've never seen the cow.

While we were filming, I kept thinking to myself, what other job could bring me here like this? Like a visitor who's just here to capture the fun parts and enjoy the view as long as she's finding it interesting? To be happy with ones job must be of the happiest peaks one can reach.

I left that farm, stinking and happy.


Fun Facts: Did you know cows have such emotional depth 
that they have best friends and get stressed when they are separated.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shameless Blog Promotion

So I've had this blog for three and a half years and only now did I realize there's this cool thing called a follow button. I'm slow, I know. Two people found a way to follow me even before the button, I appreciate their commitment. And now there's an easier way for the rest of you lazies. Click on that beautiful button to the left ;) Love Ya'll

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prozac Please

It feels like just a few days ago, I was sitting at this table in our cozy kitchen, writing about my first 20 days in Iran (Home Sweet Home). Already it's been four months and in only seven short days from now, I'll be sitting on that flight that takes me away... And when I arrive people will say heartless things like "welcome home" not knowing how bad that stings. I don't even want to think about how I'll feel. It's like I'm standing on train tracks, hearing the blow, seeing the train rush towards me, feeling panic in my heart, but I can't move. Time feels like an enemy.

Yes, depression is taking over. 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Beating Other People's Children

I know it's just terrible and I wouldn't, I'm just venting but have you ever been so annoyed by a child that you just felt like smacking the life out of him? We spent a few days at some family friends house and their almost 8 year old son nearly drove me to murder. He couldn't sit still. He would walk on the table we were eating at. He would crawl under the table and pinch us. He went to bed screaming. He woke up crying. I told him not to touch my laptop and he somehow managed to change the language setting to Chinese when I wasn't looking. He went through my bags and hid pieces of my jewelry and when his dad was disciplining him, verbally btw, the mom comes up and says "leave him alone, it's no big deal." I wish I had slapped her right there. Later I found out she's on Prozac, only she doesn't know what it really is,  she thinks it's like herbal tea.

Why do people have kids if they're not gonna raise them right? I swear if the concept of the evil eye was true this child would be dead by now. And his mom too. Ugh!

Maybe I'll Reconsider When I'm Calmer,
But At The Moment, 
This Looks Appropriate To Me.


All I can say about Isfahan is wow. There's so much to see and so much to do that you could spend a whole lifetime in this beautiful city and still have missed lots. My cousin and I spent the whole week visiting different historical sights and yet on the whole way back we were regretfully listing all the places we had missed out on.

 This city is full ancient landmarks. They recently discovered a whole city which was buried under the one they walk on today -- mind blowing. I don't think I've ever visited a place this visually stimulating. I constantly found myself looking at buildings and not really being able to absorb the concept of it all. It sounds like you feel dumbstruck in that moment but I felt small, in a good way, somehow.  My favorite place was Naqshe Jahan Square which I visited every day.  It was just grand, endless and wonderful. Here are some pictures.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Once Again, A Road Trip!!

Tomorrow, my grandparents, my cousin Nona and myself will once again be on the road. This time we're headed for Isfahan. The city of ancient history, poetry, architecture, handcrafts and desserts. And I'm just mentioning a few of the goodies that live in this amazing town.  Ah, just think of all the pictures I will be taking. I am so happy to be me right now, I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight! Wish we could leave right now! I don't know if I'll have any internet there but my lover, The Apple, will be with me. We will report all the good stuff as soon as we're back.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Norooz

Happy New Year. I'm so happy spring is here and I'm grateful for being in my home country with my family. It's time to make wishes and for myself I want a year full of love and adventure. It may not be a new year for all the readers here but I wish everyone happy spring and cheers to new beginnings.

Seven Eternal Laws

After the fire festival it's time for Haft Sin, a table with the Seven S's. Seven trays with a symbol starting with the letter S. I suppose it's our version of a Christmas tree. I prepared ours with my grandmother.

Somaq - Sumac berries - Sunrise
Sabzeh - Wheat Sprouts - Rebirth
Senjed - Silverberry - Love
Samanu - Sweet Pudding - Affluence
Sib - Apple - Beauty
Sir - Garlic - Health
Serkeh - Vinegar - Patience

These dishes are placed on a table together with:
a mirror for the reflections of creation
candles  for enlightenment
the book of Hafez for a peek into the coming year
a few coins for prosperity and wealth
painted eggs represents fertility
goldfish in a bowl represents life
a flask of rose water known for its magical cleansing power
and confectioneries for sweetness

And now we wait for the new year to come.


Jumping Through The Fire


 Each year on the eve of the last Wednesday, Iranians celebrate Chaharshanbe Suri (Wednesday Light), a purification ritual. Bonfires are lit on the streets all over the country and people sing "my yellowness is yours, your redness is mine" as they jump over the fire to burn away any negativity that burdens them and recharge their energies for the upcoming year. The new year is celebrated on the first day of spring. I attended this fire festival for the first time in 22 years and somehow I felt like saw the true side of Iranian people. Usually they are very reserved in public -- I suppose it's due to what the law of their country and religion expects of them. But on this one night they were loud, full of laughter and just free to be themselves. Young people were flirtatious and no one really minded them. Everybody happily spoke with newly made friends. I jumped over the fire as strangers cheered and I felt amazing just like them. I'm hoping for a time when we can all be ourselves every day.