Thursday, January 21, 2016

In The Vast Between...

Do you ever feel like you're lost somewhere in the middle -- too far from any destination?

I keep looking around, trying to find something to grab on to, but I find nothing. Since graduating and moving to Los Angeles, I've completely lost my ground. Now I'm back in school, I got accepted into a doctoral program in Santa Barbara, and Bear and I are opening an online clothing shop but still I'm in that empty middle...  Ever felt like that?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Best Remedies For A Cold!!

  1. Wear A Cute Onesie.
  2. Eat Dessert.
  3. Mix Medications, The Night Kind Is The Best Kind.
  4. Hibernate, With The TV On Or Off. 
  5. Take Bubble Baths
  6. Light Candles. 
  7. Forget About Utilities Bills & Turn That Heater On Full Blast.
  8. Avoid Books. 
  9. Watch Cartoons.
  10. Don't Take Any Advice From Jared Chapman

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clumsy Much...?

Geez, I don't even know how I've managed to survive for 29 years. Though I'm not sure if my problem is actually being an idiot clumsy or trying so hard to avoid it that I throw myself in all these traps.

A few weeks ago I had a job interview and so determined to do it right that I actually planned out EVERYTHING the night before and woke up 2 hours earlier than my alarm clock only to be 20 minutes late. Why? Because I actually managed to rear end someone driving 5 miles an hour in the middle of heavy LA traffic. Oh and for extra points: It was with a brand new 2 week old Lexus.

Yesterday had an amazing day and I was wrapping it all up with a nice -- much needed -- pedicure. I went to use the restroom and it was a tiny room with no hook for my bag and not wanting to put my bag on the floor, I actually put it on top of the toilet tank. When I stood up my bag fell over and out came my iPhone (6 plus) (Gold) and dove right into the bowl. And I had to take it out using my hands. And then my urine soaked iPhone died. Why didn't I just put the bag on the damn floor?!

And the thing that's always worse than dealing with accidents is dealing with insurance companies. I'm not even gonna go into what made me leave Allstate after the car accident but the insurance I got from Verizon, that promised me a quick new phone with no questioned asked if ever needed for only $10 per month is now very sorry because "At this time your replacement device is on backorder and is not available for immediate delivery." But as soon as they get one in and charge me a $200 deductible, they will send it over with that over night shipping I paid extra for.

Thank you God for the air in my lungs because at the moment it is all I have. And Tima. And my mom n dad. And Brenda. And Bear. And Lynda. And my beautifully painted toes.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Is there anything in the world...

harder than finding a job? I keep looking and looking but no results. I've applied to so many places. Either I'm don't have enough experience, or I'm over qualified OR I need college units to get it. Now I gotta kick myself for graduating on time. I'm even applying for jobs outside my field (way outside) that I don't want and barely any interviews. Is there anything more painful than getting rejected by what you don't want? I just want to go and hide and never show my face again!!!

Dear Film Industry... Please Let Me In! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Champions of Caring Connections

Last Saturday Bear and I volunteered at the Champions of Caring Connections Toy Giveaway event. It definitely felt good to be a part of something so thoughtful. Here is a little video put together from that day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Back again...

It's been months since the last time I wrote and I have no idea why. So many share-worthy moments has passed me by but my finger just didn't want to type. Is it still called writers block if you know what to write, just not how to write it? Or is it just pure laziness?

Anyhow, I'm back and hopefully I'll stay on track.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hello From Iran!!

Yes, I'm back. Back in Iran and back on blogger. I've been trying to migrate to wordpress but it's not going well =[

Anyhow, last Friday my beautiful Bear dropped me off at LAX and I flew to Stockholm where I spent three very drowsy days, jet lag is getting harder with each year, and now I'm in Mehrshahr, Iran.

You may have seen my kickstarter campaign which is not going well either. There's 3 days left, but hope has left my body. However, being the lucky person that I am, my parents stepped in and offered a private cash donation which will allow me to take my documentary a little further. I just wasn't ready to give up on it all.

So I'm back where the heart is and I just have to say that Iran may just be the most amazing place to be during this season. The warm balmy air fills my lunges with happiness and the whole country has gone so floral and fruity that I feel like I'm in a cartoon. I feel very inspired to give the 100happydays challenge a second go. I think I will.

Of course I miss my parents, Bear and my little lamb-hound Tima but the distractions here are plenty and I think I will make it. 

It feels so good to be writing again!

Till the next post,

(farsi: Felan Khodafez)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

100HappyDays - Day Three

Saw this picture today and my Leo pride just flooded! Yes, I am a Leo -- Energetic, Optimistic, Straightforward, Dominating, Egoistic and Arrogant and I Love It!

100HappyDays - Day Two

Been fussing over where to celebrate my birthday next weekend and today the answer came to me! If you haven't tried Bootie you haven't lived!